The story of the little tiny job

April 13th, 2011

Hi, I am the little tiny job. I exist everywhere; in the largest of companies, in most departments and in every industry. Corporate managers seem to love me, while entrepreneurial leaders tend to avoid me. I am the little tiny job.
What makes me tiny? Well, I do one very tiny thing, one small cog in the wheel of the biggest kind of machine. I do this one very tiny thing over and over again. And you know what? I don’t even know why I exist. Why do I, the little tiny job, matter? I do not know what my big, gigantic company makes or does. And I know nothing of the role I play in the story of our big business.
But you know what else? I like it that way. My head is down. My work is comfortable, if not a little simple. And the best part is, I never have to think. I don’t get to. When I talk with a customer and they complain — I could probably fix their problem. But that is not encouraged. There are lots of rules and policies about all of that, probably because I am just the little tiny job.
There are perks that come with this job though. I give all the perception of security and upward mobility. There are plenty of places for me to grow into a little job or even a small one. But alas I am a number. A tiny gear in a really, really big machine. And I am far, far away from being the “the big, gigantic job”.
What is the story of the big, gigantic job? Tune in next week to find out why entrepreneurial types prefer Mr. big, gigantic job to me, the little, tiny job.

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  1. Mr. Big, Gigantic Job! Says:

    […] Gigantic Job. I lack definition but certainly not meaning or impact. I am not a number unlike the little, tiny job. I can be whatever I need and want to be. I am fast-paced, hands on and thrive on change. Being […]

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