Complexity Skills – Are you ready?

May 25th, 2011

Your mindset is everything. How you approach the everyday will make the difference between succeeding or not. Getting the job or finishing second. Whether your business will grow to the next level or lag behind. Will you get that next promotion? Your mindset is important because the business world moves fast and is constantly changing. If you’re not ready to embrace change, you will be left in the dust by those that are.
Learning “complexity skills” will help put you ahead of the pack. What are they? Complexity skills reflect our capacity for adapting to change and learning. Having the ability to comprehend the nuances around us through knowledge and learning. For a business this is all about the organization’s ability to make change and to move in new directions. Is your business flexible? Does it launch new ideas easily?
Complexity skills can be applied to both individuals interested in bettering their situation or to groups or organizations striving to improve and grow. Individuals’ skills, attitudes, knowledge and values are powerful forces with the mastery of complexity skills. But the collective ability of a group with the ability to adapt, drive change, and survive is unstoppable. The world is complex and those that face complexity head on can see opportunities and take advantage of them. Is your workforce capable of adapting to and exploiting opportunities day after day? Complexity skills are about workforce readiness and the role it can play in productivity, business growth and advancement.
Think about the people you work with. There are always some that feel “acted upon,” that are never in control because the change is always happening to or around them. These are the people that say their greatest strengths are having technical skills or a strong work ethic. The others that drive change and exploit it are the ones that have the positive outlook and feel in control of their jobs and their careers! When one truly understands “complexity skills,” their greatest strength is how they adapt well to changing environments and understand that today’s knowledgeable worker must focus on learning to be well-equipped to embrace the realities in a new role!
You may be thinking to yourself, “I get it… but what can I do about it?” It is not easy to influence and change, even when that is your main focus. Complexity skills are challenging for leaders and for individuals. Start by getting a clear understanding of the concept. That business wants a flexible, adaptable, knowledgeable workforce because this approach drives speed and innovation. Speed and innovation help you compete. And if you compete well, you might survive and thrive. Like any other variety of nature, those that do not adapt, do not live on. I for one would like my business and my workforce to have this advantage.

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