The “Nature” of Change

July 5th, 2012

“Nothing endures but change.” – Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

The natural world is in a perpetual state of growth and flux. Just visit some of the areas impacted by our most recent storms. In some cases, those landscapes are forever altered. We have come to understand that change is constant. However, having a philosophy of change is not a modern concept. Change is a basic universal law.

In the working world, we have come to think of change in business terms. Change management is now a product when we buy new software and/or implement new technology. The ability to adapt to change is now a desirable skill that workers need and employers desire. What interests me of late is why some understand change and some do not. Most of us recognize the fundamental principles of change. When you boil it all down, we must accept that: 1. Change is forever, and 2. We are able to make choices with change.

So, what are our options? We can fight change. Although it is a tough way to live, many choose this path. People leave jobs, give up on relationships, or make life changes to avoid it. Still, change is always there. We can adapt to change. We live with it. We tolerate its very existence. We grit our teeth and bear it. We perhaps are unhappy, but we get by. -OR- We can exploit it. Change that is. We can roll around it, just as a dog rolls around in the grass on a sunny day. Note, that dog is happy. Simple? Yes. But happy. That dog has a great personal philosophy.

Now, my theory. Those without a personal philosophy have a weak way of life. And those with weak ways of life are victims to the change around them. At the end of the day, we control our reaction to the events that unfold around us. Those with a strong personal philosophy understand this concept. They recognize the opportunities that come with it. They see happiness. They are content. We all have times of hardship and despair, everyone has down days… we all have life events that don’t seem to go our way. Yet, those that exploit change have the personal philosophies that carry them through it.

We all have a choice.


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