If You were Asked to Define your Company’s Culture, Could You?

August 22nd, 2012

Guest blog by Karesa Blagrove, CBI Group team member

Every company has a culture and no two companies’ cultures are alike. Entreprenuer.com defines corporate culture as, “a blend of the values, beliefs, taboos, symbols, rituals and myths all companies develop over time.” Culture is often aligned with the organizational values and mission, and plays a key role in how the company markets their products, services, recruits and retains employees. A company’s culture can be the factor that makes or breaks an organization’s success. Therefore, it is imperative for organizations to define their culture, and make it a mission to ensure that their culture is understood, and practiced by all employees!

Why is corporate culture so important you ask? The answer is simple. If a company is unable to define their culture and communicate it to their employees, it will be difficult for employees to align themselves with the company’s values and mission. Fitting into a company’s culture is like buying a pair of jeans. Ultimately, you are looking for a pair of jeans that fits your personal style, provides comfort, and falls within your budget. Should you purchase a pair of jeans that doesn’t meet these criteria, you will most likely feel unhappy and return the jeans. The same can be said about employees fitting into your company’s culture. It has to be a next-to-perfect fit for employees to feel aligned with the company’s values and mission, or else, the working relationship will only last a short time.

Here at CBI Group, our culture is embedded in everything we do; we eat, sleep, and breathe our company’s culture. Our Outside-In® philosophy drives our company’s culture, and is reflected in how we conduct business. One area that is evident of our culture is our office décor. You may ask, what does office décor have to do with an organization’s culture?  Believe it or not, culture sets the tone for the office décor. Recently we were challenged by our fearless leader, Chris Burkhard, to redecorate our work space to further reflect our awesome personalities, and the end result was… well you be the judge!

(Click on the slide image for a full view!)

Gabrielle’s Desk


Kelly’s Desk

Kathy’s Office Buddy

Karesa’s Desk

Ashley’s Desk

Dave’s Desk

Gail’s Office Buddies

Colleen’s Desk

Pat’s Desk

Mary’s Desk

Kelly’s Desk

Chris’s Office Buddies

Glenn’s Desk

Robin’s Desk

Heather’s Desk

As you can see, every desk uniquely identifies the individual that occupies it, and allows everyone to work in a space that reflects who they are.

Similar to how our office décor reflects who we are individually and as a company, that is how our Blank Sheet of Paper concept works. Our Blank Sheet of Paper concept, one of the 20 tenets in our Outside-In® philosophy, is how we build recruitment solutions for our customers. It allows us to view each customer’s recruiting challenges individually; therefore we are able to build recruiting plans that are customized for each customer’s business. Our recruitment solutions are not a “one size fits all” model, so our customers are guaranteed that the plan they receive will work for their business.

The culture here at CBI Group is anything but cookie cutter – you could even say we prefer to color outside the lines. That is the same philosophy we use to solve our customer’s recruitment problems. We work in teams to solve problems, but we are encouraged to retain our identity. Our culture is cultivated by us, and is the foundation of our decision-making process.

In closing, every organization has a culture, and it’s important for the leaders to define the culture and manage it. With that being said, it’s equally important for the employees to keep the culture alive and carry it out each day. Are you aware of your company’s culture? If so, how does your company work to keep it present each day?

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