CBI Group Recognized as Mid Market Leader in RPO

September 14th, 2012

by Kelly Hocutt & Kelly Murray

300+ Worldwide RPO Providers
50 were invited to participate in a customer survey
Only 21 were recognized last week
1 of those was CBI Group!

HRO Today administers annual surveys that rank the top Human Resources Outsourcing providers in varying categories to assist companies in selecting the best vendors in each space. CBI Group was recognized as an Honorable Mention and Mid Market Leader, among 21 companies acknowledged last week during a global webcast announcing the 2012 Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Baker’s Dozen survey results.

“The recognition is a direct reflection of everything our business stands for, being a customer driven organization or as we would call it, being Outside-In®,” said Chris Burkhard, President of CBI Group. “This is not a growth award or a popularity contest, our customers gave direct feedback that put CBI Group on the list. Humbly, the words ‘Thank You’ come to mind. To all that helped make this happen!”

The RPO survey categorizes providers into three lists based on feedback from buyers. Those include, Enterprise Baker’s Dozen, Global Market Providers, and Honorable Mention & Mid Market Providers. The top 13 companies in each category are placed on the Baker’s Dozen List. The Global Market Providers must have two or more projects in two or more regions of the world.

The Honorable Mention list was renamed this year due to increased competition in the market. HRO Today found it is becoming harder to represent the scope of the market in 13 companies alone.

This year’s RPO survey included the largest sample size (over 900 verified customer surveys) of any HRO Today survey and was the largest RPO customer satisfaction study ever performed!

CBI Group is excited at the opportunity to receive valuable feedback from their customers to help improve and adapt their services to better serve them. Simply being recognized as a mid-market leader is worth celebrating, however, CBI Group is looking forward to learning more and continuing to improve their Nth Degree service in the hopes that customers recognize the difference.

“Thank you to our customers who participated in this survey!” – the CBI Team

Want to see this year’s list?
To see the Baker’s Dozen list, Global Market Leaders and the other companies on the Mid Market Leaders list: take a look at this year’s survey results here.

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