Top Executive Recruiters Contingency Search Firms

May 10th, 2016

2016_Top_Executive_Recruiters-Contingency_Search_Firms_List-Logo-smCBI Group made the Philadelphia Business Journal‘s 2016 list of the top 21 Executive Recruiters: Contingency Search Firms. We launched our search practice in August 2008, almost eight years ago, and Strategic Search continues to be a valuable recruitment solution for our clients.

Our Search practice was built because of customer feedback about their talent acquisition needs as the market evolved. Today, customers are still asking for search services and we continue to work with them to build solutions that meet their goals. CBI Group President, Chris Burkhard explains, “When your firm provides broad talent solutions, it is important to listen and understand your customers need and want from the services you provide. Making this list certainly demonstrates that our customers want need a strong search partner.”

When asked about our recruitment capabilities, one of our Executive Recruiters, Adrienne shared, “We have a breadth of experience and are positioned to serve a variety of hiring needs.”

Learn more about how CBI Group’s Strategic Search is different from the industry perception of headhunters by reading Chris Burkhard’s article entitled “Why I Hate Headhunters.

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