How Social Media Can Impact Your Recruiting Strategies

January 15th, 2017

Acquiring the right talent for any position can be challenging. Often, finding that one person who fits the role just right is critical to the success of a project or position within the company. Fortunately, today there are many avenues for researching and recruiting the qualified candidates. In the ever-changing world of social media, while people are still wondering how to buy likes on youtube, new recruiting strategies are surfacing. If you are not currently utilizing social media as a tool for talent acquisition, it is time consider a shift in your position because whether you like it or not, the odds are good that social media will have an impact on your ability to acquire the right talent before someone else does.

The Power of the Big Three in Social Media

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are still going strong as social media powerhouses and can be used to your advantage when searching for talent and creating a strong brand image for your company. If you are not currently using these, you may be missing out on numerous talent acquisition opportunities. LinkedIn provides access to a large group of professionals and networking opportunities. Its matching algorithms will even provide suggestions for potential employees based on your activity on the site.

While LinkedIn is the most popular for recruiters, Facebook is still the largest social network on the planet. With the volume of people who use Facebook and its powerful built-in search engine, called the Graph Search, you can source candidates who have a specific educational background, work experience, post content that you find of value to the position, and even uncover candidates who work for competing companies.

Twitter is the most underutilized of the big three. If you can take advantage of this powerful tool for talent acquisition, then you are ahead of the game. First, over half of all job seekers use Twitter for researching company profiles, so it is crucial that your company is well represented. While many job-seekers are interested in applying for tweeted employment opportunities, not many companies consistently tweet these openings. If you are not currently utilizing Twitter, it is time to start.

Social Media Platforms Can Propel You Ahead of the Competition

Not only are the endless opportunities to explore and discover candidates through the big three, there are many other less common platforms that should also be considered in recruitment strategies. Some may be specifically geared to certain types of candidates or skills. By learning and utilizing these, you may discover many opportunities that others have not yet explored, giving your company an advantage over most.

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