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CBI solves critical workforce & restructuring issues for national financial services firm.

March 6th, 2013

Customer Challenge

Our customer anticipated many Human Resources and Recruitment challenges due to considerable corporate restructuring, acquisition integrations and a pending relocation. They were concerned about how current employees would handle the changes and at the same time needed to fill key strategic positions to manage the corporate redirection. The company had already engaged a large national RPO vendor but they were looking for an alternative solution to address strategic issues outside the scope of the RPO agreement. The primary focus was hard-to-fill functional and professional level positions in Marketing, Business Development, and across the Human Resources department. Additionally, their cost cutting initiatives created a need for outside support following a reduction in headcount at the VP and Executive level.

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Association leans on CBI Group’s cultural expertise to reduce turnover.

December 1st, 2011

Customer Challenge

An industry leading global trade association that represents nearly 3,000 companies had an urgent need to fill key positions. After spending considerable time, money and effort on a Director of Public Relations position placement, the association reached out to CBI Group for help.

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