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4 Things The Avengers Taught Me About Talent Acquisition

April 9th, 2014

By Outside-In® Team Member Caitlin Olszewski

TAMarvel2Anyone and everyone in the industry knows that finding superhero talent is rare and extremely hard to do. When looking for new talent you need to ensure that their skillset can coincide with the team and work together to fulfill the purpose of the business. Each member of your team must bring a unique expertise that ultimately strives for the success of the organization and the growth of the company.

Here are some things to remember when looking beyond masks and capes:

1. Superhero powers are rendered useless if not harnessed and executed properly. Nobody wants a hulk candidate smashing everything in sight, or an archer that cannot master the skill to hit a target. It’s important to look for talent that not only meets the skill requirement, but also has the proven ability to use said skills in action. Screen for specifics and ask for examples of a time your candidate used these skills to overcome common obstacles in your industry.

2. Resumes can be deceiving. Sure, they graduated top of their class from MIT and have two master’s degrees under their armor prior to the age of 19. That doesn’t mean the man behind the iron is the right person for your team or a cultural fit for your company. Face to face interviews with the entire staff are crucial. Bring them into your office and see how they interact with every single person in the company and try to weed out any signs of evil.

3. Candidates must be up to date on all technology and facets of your industry. Although your super serum-enhanced candidate can wield a shield and have an unprecedented patriotism toward your company, they may have been asleep for the last 70 years when it comes to current technology and practices. Whatever your industry, it’s important to troll for candidates that are ahead of the game and know “the next best thing.” If your stellar candidate is slightly lacking in this category, make sure that they have the willingness and drive to learn quickly.

4. Always be comfortable with being in BETA. A company’s work is never “finished”. Look for candidates who can wear multiple suits and focus towards creating a 2.0 improved version. Businesses boom when employees are superhuman and innovative. Troll for candidates with diverse backgrounds within your industry and you can bet on an unstoppable force of business growth and development.

You don’t need Charles Xavier or Cerebro to locate your next talent. At Outside-In® Companies, we offer Blank Sheet of Paper Recruitment Solutions that are completely customizable for your needs! We can help you.

CBI Way: Taking a Look at Project RPO

March 12th, 2014

Guest blog spot by Outside-In® Team Member Alex Patton

Previously, the CBI Way blog series has focused on Recruitment Process Outsourcing; from building the right solution for the identified challenge, through post-implementation strategies for success. Along the way, we briefly touched on the differing types of RPO engagements, including Project RPO. Without the huge commitment, price, and scope of an Enterprise or Full RPO, a Project RPO engagement just might be the best solution for a company looking for talent acquisition support.

connect-20333_640A survey mentioned before in the CBI Way series, done by HRO today, showed that of 3,500 HR executives, just sixteen percent considered themselves “highly knowledgeable” about Recruitment Process Outsourcing. With hiring continuing to increase with the help of a strengthening economy (2.2 million jobs added in 2013), this survey highlights one advantage of a project RPO: the ability to outsource specific recruitment processes for a set amount of time or particular project needs, and perhaps a “try before you buy” approach to a larger engagement.

As an example, a business could engage an RPO provider for simply the sourcing of qualified and interested candidates, to be submitted to the client on a pre-determined timetable, with feedback provided after submittal. This type of project could be perfect for the hiring of a specific position or a new department, with the client taking over the rest of the recruiting/hiring process: screening, interviewing, and on-boarding. With success, this first engagement can lead to a more involved and long-term solution (Partial or Full RPO), specifically with smaller companies who have a limited HR department or none at all.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a Project-Based RPO is the flexibility of the solution, allowing for an increase or decrease in the number of hours worked by the provider depending on the results desired, further engagement of the candidates (i.e. screening, background checks), or moving focus towards another need seamlessly.

Whether you’re a small business looking for a little motivation, push, and direction, or thousands of employees strong, considering outsourcing talent acquisition because your HR department is feeling overwhelmed, Project RPO could be the perfect fix to a frustrating challenge. A cost-effective, focused, and flexible solution, this type of Recruitment Process Outsourcing is less publicized, yet, is an incredibly viable option for talent acquisition challenges.

Addicted to Dope: 4 Chemicals We Need to Feel Fulfilled at Work

March 5th, 2014

Guest blog spot by Outside-In® Team Member Caitlin Olszewski

1. Dopamine

dopeDopamine (3,4-dihydroxyphenethylamine for my nerds) is the human chemical responsible for releasing good feelings of satisfaction, achievement, and completion. If you’re anything like me, every item you cross out on your to-do list summons the invisible arms of progress as they comfort you in their warm embrace. Ahhh. Instant gratification. A hug so fulfilling you find yourself craving, no, needing more. You can quit anytime you want, right? Don’t quit. Goonies never say die!

Two weeks ago, I attended a Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce networking event where TED celebrity, leadership expert, and completely awesome dude extraordinaire, Simon Sinek spoke about the four social chemicals humans need in order to feel fulfilled. This goes all the way back to our monkey roots in the Paleolithic era when human survival was dependent on hunting and gathering so these built in survival chemicals encouraged us to succeed. Although we’re well past knuckle-walking and spearing wild boar, dinosaurs, or whatever, all of these chemicals are still present in our daily work lives. And these drugs are biologically what motivate us to set goals, complete tasks, and to keep going under all circumstances.

2. Endorphins

How about that feeling you get when you run a few miles, lift weights, or complete a P90X® workout without passing out? Hel-lo sweet, sweet endorphins—the personal opiate. Often referred to as the “runner’s high”, endorphins sole purpose are to mask physical pain with pleasure. During a rough patch at work, endorphins are what kick in to give you that “all hands on deck” instinct to overcome and obtain that feel-good high. Laughing is one of the quickest ways to release endorphins, explaining why it is highly encouraged to participate in some lighthearted humor during tense times.

3. Serotonin

So what happens when you shatter those goals? Complete those tasks and exceed expectations? Serotonin rolls out a red carpet and hands you a trophy. Serotonin gives us pride, the feeling of being respected, and an invincible attitude. In work life, serotonin is what emboldens us to put out the best work we can in order to feel acknowledged and valuable. It’s what pushes us to constantly impress and please those around us so we can feel a sense of achievement and comradery. Think about how you would feel running on your own time versus running a marathon in front of people cheering you on. Serotonin pushes us to go further, be stronger, and work harder.

4. Oxytocin

What about the warm fuzzies? The most popular of these chemicals, oxytocin, is correlated with feelings of friendship, love, and trust. Oxytocin provides us with the need for human connection, social interaction, and vigilante actions. Unlike the other three chemicals, oxytocin is a long-lasting feeling. This chemical is all about relationship building and creating a deep trust for those around us in order to feel safe and protected. At work, oxytocin is the feeling we achieve when our colleagues are there to watch our backs, encourage our growth, and give us the tools we need to succeed.

Simon Sinek’s Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t is currently on the New York Times Best Seller List. You should buy it not only because it’s a thought-provoking look into the way we work as humans, in teams, and as leaders, but also because I said so.

CBI Way: 5 Ways to Go Back to the Future of Sourcing

February 18th, 2014

Guest blog spot by Outside-In® Team Member Caitlin Olszewskibacktofuture

Grab those Nike power laces and your hoverboard, this blog’s about to go 88mph back to the future of sourcing. There’s no hiding from it—we live in a society where today’s technologies are tomorrow’s artifacts. We are spoiled by technology that is meant to make our lives easier but inherently makes us disconnected from interpersonal communication. Gone are the days of needles in the haystack, purple squirrels, and cold calls. The future of sourcing is all about genuine relationships, honest networking, and full engagement. Here are some tips and tricks to become a more proactive and efficient sourcer in a world that is rapidly changing. (Spoiler alert, Marty McFly: They might not be what you think!)

  • Be Engaged: Engagement is the word of the year, and I’m not talkin’ carats. (Although, if my future husband is reading this, here’s a hint: 1 carat princess cut pave.) Back to the topic. There are countless articles teaching readers how to be more engaged in both their work and personal lives. I’ve even read The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal to learn more about this popular topic only to find that I was certainly not as engaged as I had thought. Think about investing your energy rather than your time. After all, your time is worthless if you’re not giving it your full attention. So drink that Vitamin C, get off your smartphone, and devote your full attention to your candidate!
  • Know Your Brand. Be Your Brand: Are you considered an “All-Star Recruiter” via LinkedIn? So is the guy to your left. And the one to the right. In a world where a million recruiters are flooding the inboxes of candidates with stereotypical messages, how do you stand out? What’s your Unique Selling Proposition? Remember that you’re representing your company and that you’re an extension of its brand, an embodiment if you will. This one probably sounds like a given, but too many recruiters come across as phony or robotic and it’s important to distance yourself from that stigma and be authentic and genuine. Seriously. Take mom’s advice and just be yourself.
  • Value Quality > Quantity: Anyone can tell you that it’s in your long-term interest to reach out to 10 dream candidates rather than 100 so-so’s whose resumes contain one measly keyword of your search. However, many recruiters find themselves disregarding this practice simply because it’s easier and they want to yield high numbers. Use your time wisely and harbor sincere interactions with stellar candidates. You’ll be thanking yourself when the next job order comes in and you already have an A+ pool to choose from.
  • Build Relationships: How many quality candidates have you sourced today? Big deal. This week? Zzz. Can you list their names? All of them? Probably not. Make your candidates feel valuable—don’t treat them like another billable to fill a position. Think about how you would want to be treated. You should be having consistent, responsive interactions with candidates that help you climb that relational ladder. Be open and transparent throughout the process—take the time to get to know each candidate and their personality. This will help you tremendously in finding the right fit for both your candidate and client. Also, be sure to follow up with each candidate!
  • Keep Up with Technology (1.21 Gigawatts!): While in the beginning I mentioned being spoiled by technology, I didn’t mean throw it away altogether! Find your perfect balance of using today’s best sources to build genuine relationships. The technology world as we know it is changing rapidly—how will you adapt? As we have learned from the dinosaurs, you either evolve or you are reduced to only being a three year old’s birthday party theme. It doesn’t take a DeLorean to stay current with sourcing strategies, technologies, and best practices. All you have to do is stay active by consistent training and searching for invaluable information. Spend a little bit of time each with with a cup of coffee and a couple sourcing blogs & articles. Trust me, a little goes a long way. Find something good? Be sure to share it with your team! You’ll actually be saving time in the long run AND you’ll be well ahead of the game.

The CBI Way blog series explores the tools and practices used in Talent Acquisition. CBI Way is CBI Group’s recruiting approach and methodology – it’s how we do what we do! Check in with CBI Way for insights around workforce education and training, the latest trends in recruiting technology, and how to best utilize these tools towards improving your own recruiting practices. 

What Do You Need for Christmas?

December 16th, 2013

Guest blog spot by Caitlin Olszewski, Communications & Design Coordinator

When you’re a kid, Christmas is about as magical as it gets. (I have yet to see a unicorn, okay?) The fact that you go to bed with a belly full of apple pie and ice cream to wake up to toys and treasure underneath your tree is the highlight of the year. And parents, those behavioral Jedi mind tricks you can use on your kids while “the elves are watching” are truly miracles in themselves.

“What do you want for Christmas?” The question all of us were asked year-after-year by the red-velvet-clad cookie connoisseur sparked elaborate answers of Transformers, high-tech gadgets, and cavity-inducing candy. However, the moment you opened a present to unveil a pair of socks or the dreaded pack of underwear you immediately came to the conclusion that you were on the naughty list. What if you actually wanted those things and worried more about your cold toes than the latest toys? What if all you wanted for Christmas were simply things that you absolutely needed?

Each year, we partner with Delaware Social Service’s Adopt-a-Family Holiday Gift Assistance program. The program provides the sponsor with a brief description of the circumstances that led each family to the need for assistance. We survey through the available families looking to make their holiday season extra merry and bright. This year, when I was reading each informational bio, one family stuck out in particular.

adoptafamA recently-singled father and his 7-year-old daughter were simply asking for a $200 gift card for groceries along with hats and scarves to brave the cold weather. So what did we do? We used our Service to the Nth Degree value to provide roughly $600 in gift cards to make their Christmas extraordinary. However, we all know that there’s nothing like the suspense and sound of ripping open wrapping paper on Christmas morning, so we set off to provide presents and various necessities for our family to make their holiday a little more Outside-In®.

Through working as a team and providing peace of mind for our adopted family this season, we helped keep the spirit of Christmas alive for them, as well as ourselves. No matter what you celebrate, I hope you can discover your own holiday magic this season and share it with those around you who truly need it.

Want to be a part of the Adopt-a-Family program next year? Click here for more information.

CBI Group Makes The Philadelphia 100 for Fourth Time Since 2005

October 21st, 2013

Guest blog spot by Caitlin Olszewski, Communications & Design Coordinator

CBI Group is pleased to announce our inclusion in the Philadelphia 100 list for the fourth time, making us one of the most consistently growing entrepreneurial companies in the region.

efe_philly100-2013-largeThe Philadelphia 100 is a prestigious awards program that honors the fastest growing, privately-held companies in the area. It was founded in 1988 through the Entrepreneurs’ Forum of Greater Philadelphia to promote young, successful companies. The program has previously recognized CBI Group in 2005, 2006, and 2007. This year marks the momentous achievement of being able to emerge from the recession more successful than ever. Our continued growth and entrepreneurial spirit secured us a spot on this year’s list at #25. CBI Group aspires to see continued advancement and success following the official partnership affirmed earlier this year with fellow Outside-In® Companies—Placers and Barton Career Advisors.

Founder & CEO Chris Burkhard credits the achievements of the business to the fact that the company has always been customer-centric and results-driven. “Success comes from working hard on making the little things of our business more Outside-In® every day,” said Burkhard, “and frankly, not doing it for the awards or recognition. Always putting our customers first seems to bring its own reward and recognition!”

In addition to the Philadelphia 100 award, CBI Group has recently earned a spot on the Inc. 5000 list along with two ‘2013 Honors’ including a #11 ranking in the Top 100 Delaware Companies and a #69 ranking in Philadelphia Metro Area sub-categories.

If you would like to learn more about The Philadelphia 100 please visit

CBI Group Lends an Outside-In® Hand in an Unexpected Way

September 27th, 2013

Guest blog spot by Caitlin Olszewski, Communications & Design Coordinator 

Have you ever skipped breakfast before entering a meeting and could only focus on the never ending grumble in your stomach instead of the metrics in front of you? Well, think about having that feeling all the time. Imagine feeling long-term hunger to the point where you cannot concentrate on anything but the emptiness in your stomach and the physical weakness that follows.

I heard about The Food Bank of Delaware back in July and I thought it would be a great cause for our ongoing Charity of the Month program. The Food Bank is an organization that provides nutritious food to Delawareans in need with the goal of providing long-term solutions for hunger. I figured that we could just help out by donating canned goods and fund raising, but then I saw the numbers and came to the humbling realization—that wasn’t enough.

foodbankOver 241,600 people receive assistance from The Food Bank each year and that number is continuing to rise. Forty-four percent of the households receiving this aid are children. To top it off, more than 17,500 people receive emergency assistance in any given week. At Outside-In® Companies, none of us are mathematicians—we’re all a bunch of fun-loving recruiters or chatty communications coordinators (sorry I’m not sorry). However, these numbers quickly resonated with us and strummed our heartstrings. After seeing the facts and statistics we knew that we wanted to take our charity to the Nth degree.

On Wednesday, we put our Outside-In® values to the test and volunteered at The Food Bank’s facility in Newark. Our team formed an assembly line to work together and create meal kits for the Food Bank’s Backpack Program. The program sends close to 3,000 children home from school for the weekend with easy-to-prepare meals to ensure that they can have the proper nutrition they deserve. “It’s hard for a child to learn on an empty stomach and that’s what it all comes down to,” said Trevor Turner, Lead Volunteer Coordinator. The program is geared to help eliminate the problems hunger can cause in regards to education and development.

In only two hours we created 638 meal kits—totaling 1,276 individual meals. That means through our Team-Based, Change Maker, and Service to the Nth Degree values, we made sure that 638 children didn’t have to worry about being hungry for the weekend. That’s 638 reasons to be Outside-In®.

If you’d like to figure out how you can help end hunger, please visit

Check out our assembly line in action!


CBI Way: The Inside Scoop on Building RPO Solutions

September 18th, 2013
Guest blog spot by Alex Patton, Sourcing Specialist


RPO-SolutionFor many companies, of all sizes, talent acquisition can be the most difficult business process. Common challenges include the attraction of quality applicants, low quantity candidate pools, and less than desirable cost-per-hire metrics. If you find yourself stranded or unsure how to tackle any of these circumstances, it may be a great opportunity to consider Recruitment Process Outsourcing, a form of Business Process Outsourcing that is defined and discussed in the previous CBI Way blog, “What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?”. After the decision to work with an appropriate vendor is made, the next steps in the RPO process can begin to formulate, collaboratively and effectively.

Identifying the Business Challenge: To begin assembling an appropriate and custom recruitment solution, the business challenge must be identified, whether more comprehensive or exceptionally detailed. Often, a collective meeting or set of meetings between client and partner to help determine the challenge take place, to better understand the task at hand. Once articulated, the business challenge will give way to what the client expects as a successful solution.

This could be the necessity for 15, 50, or hundreds employees for the expansion of another territorial branch, like a recent project for our team. A well-established hospital in Florida came to CBI Group to build a solution for the challenge they faced: hiring a staff of several hundred doctors, nurses, and therapists to provide care within a new health campus that was being constructed. Or, you may have an ongoing process for routine, expected recruiting but need to reduce time-to-fill and hiring costs, while improving quality of candidates. In truth, a company’s business challenge could vary significantly, which suggests why a custom and creative solution can be vitally important for success.

Building the solution: With the complicated and diverse nature of recruitment challenges, the RPO vendor has a tough, yet essential obligation to create a custom solution that has the best chance of successful integration for the client. As discussed in “What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing”, there are several solution options that can be provided, including: Project RPO, Partial RPO, a Full RPO solution, or a combination of all three. Flexibility, created from collaboration during the building of a solution, is the most advantageous concept of creating a custom approach after identifying the business challenge.

In the project mentioned above with a widely-respected hospital in Florida, CBI Group and the client worked together to build the right solution; partnering to identify key talent to on-board, which could support the extensive recruitment project. This included: identifying a physician recruiter, three healthcare recruiters, and two recruitment coordinators. In most cases, several solutions are generated from a “blank sheet of paper” in order for the client to contemplate options that may not be initially considered.

There is undeniable complexity throughout the talent acquisition process, but it is hard to interpret any part more important than the dependence a successful solution has on a clearly identified business challenge. With the challenge determined, and business solution creatively built by the RPO partner and client collaboratively, the RPO project is close to launch; stay tuned for the next steps of an RPO engagement!

>>Check back next month when we continue the discussion on building RPO solutions.

The CBI Way blog series explores the tools and practices used in Talent Acquisition. CBI Way is CBI Group’s recruiting approach and methodology – it’s how we do what we do! Check in with CBI Way for insights around workforce education and training, the latest trends in recruiting technology, and how to best utilize these tools towards improving your own recruiting practices.

9/11 and the Resilience of the American Worker

September 11th, 2013

911Guest blog spot by Kelly Murray, Marketing Coordinator

Twelve years ago, our country sustained a tragedy so shocking that it rattled each American citizen to their core. We will always remember where we were the morning of 9/11, and the horror we witnessed as two landmarks of international commerce fell at the hands of terrorists. Thousands of lives were claimed that day but in turn, millions of Americans were united under the strength of our nation and a vow to Never Forget those lost.

As the years go on, 9/11 etches its place into American history and its symbolism grows. I was only thirteen when the World Trade Center fell, and at the time I struggled to comprehend what this blow meant to our country on an international scale. I understood the degree of death and destruction that had occurred and felt the confusion, fear, and grief that any little girl would at the time. Years later, now a young working professional, when I look back on 9/11, I am struck by the resilience our nation had to have in order to pick up the pieces and move forward – not only emotionally, but as a political and economic entity.

When hit with unexpected hardship, whether emotional or professional, it’s difficult to maintain focus on the job and push forward. Of course, the events of 9/11 exceeded any difficulty one could have expected to endure. However, I think its important to note that as Americans, both our humanity and work ethic were tested on 9/11. The al-Qaeda chose to destroy a symbol of international trade and commerce (as well as a symbol of defense and national security, the Pentagon) that day. The burden of strength in the eyes of adversity fell on our political leaders, but also on the American worker: corporate executives, entrepreneurs, young professionals, entertainers, laborers – no profession or discipline was spared. We had to dig deep and continue working to carry each other through.

As an entrepreneur, CBI Group’s president felt this burden especially hard that day, when his company opened its doors for the first time on the morning of September 11th. And yet, he and his employees, like many, had to press on and focus on creating business, even if it felt ‘wrong’ or ‘inappropriate’ to do so during a time of such great loss. Each year at CBI Group, this day is met with a bittersweet sentiment: as a celebration of another year in business met with a solemn reminder of a national tragedy. Over a decade later, we continue to operate successfully and help businesses fill jobs, recruit employees, and develop their workforce – a reflection of the resilience of an entrepreneur and his country.

So, this article is simply a testament to the American worker, for rising up and pushing forward in times of turmoil. Since 9/11, our nation has struggled economically and suffered the impact of war, but we have pressed on. In the American spirit, our country has rebuilt (quite literally, the National September 11th Museum and Memorial opened in 2011) and reclaimed our place as an economic force.

To all those lost and affected by the tragedy of 9/11, we honor and remember you. As citizens, we will never forget what happened that day and the toll it took on our country. As workers, we will continue to push forward and keep the American Dream alive…a notion that drives the belief that in America anything is possible and anyone can find success – if they work hard enough for it.

CBI Way: Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

August 21st, 2013

Guest blog spot by Alex Patton, Sourcing Specialist

While the labor market, workforce, and economy continually change, there is no surprise that businesses are adapting to these changes in order to develop a more reliable and efficient talent acquisition process. Specifically, small to mid-size companies lacking the revenue to employ internal recruitment teams have turned to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external service provider. As the economy improves, the ability to hire is gaining momentum. In fact, more RPO deals were signed than ever before in 2012.

Benefits of RPO

An RPO partner can help onboard talented and motivated candidates to the respective company, with desired transparency, allowing for more focus on business goals and growth, which has ultimately, according to the Human Resource Outsourcing Association, created a $1.5 billion RPO market worldwide.

Partnering with an RPO solutions vendor to decrease time-to-hire, reduce costs, and increase quality in candidate pools, while having the ability to create collaborative solutions from scratch, has become increasingly relevant in today’s job market. However, according to a survey conducted by HRO Today, of 3,500 HR executives just sixteen percent considered themselves ‘highly knowledgeable’ about the RPO business process.

With a singular focus, and a wider reach of recruiting expertise, RPO partners like CBI Group are able to greatly increase the quality and quantity of potential candidates. For thriving businesses, talent acquisition needs are constantly growing, and a move to an RPO model gives companies the ability to rapidly scale their recruiting efforts, with additional recruiters, pipelines of potential candidates, or both. More specifically, a solution can be jointly created to ensure particular components of hiring needs are met to benefit the client most effectively.

For example, GE Money, a leading provider of banking and credit services, was experiencing staffing challenges, and decided to try an RPO solution. Main challenges included: inconsistent interview practices; variable candidate quality; average cost per hire more than $9,000; time-to-fill typically exceeding three months; and overstretched HR resources (GE Money, Tammy Grisham). According to Tammy Grisham, Talent Acquisition Lead, the average cost per hire was reduced from as high as $10,847 to as low as $3,300, after implementing the RPO solution which best suited the company. Moreover, Grisham notes an average recruiting cycle time reduction from 115 days to thirty-seven days was realized. While GE Money chose to incorporate a complete solution, there are other forms of RPO solutions that can be of great benefit to specific hiring situations.

Types of RPO Solutions

In most cases, RPO solutions are broken down into three different components, each segueing to the next step of the solution. For example, the simplest component, sourcing qualified resumes to be submitted to the client, is often referred to as Project RPO, which does not include any candidate pre-screening or interviewing provided by the RPO vendor. Additionally, the next step further engages the candidates, and the qualified individuals are contacted and screened according to the client’s requirements and qualifications, followed by submission to the company’s HR point of contact, also known as Partial RPO. While solutions can be broken down into separate components, Full RPO is a solution which encompasses all aspects of recruiting; from sourcing, to screening, interviewing, offer negotiations, and finally, hiring. Of course, implementing the right form of RPO for a specific talent situation is essential for success; however; with a collaborative, customized, and creative solution, a productive partnership should be attainable.

While bottom-line benefits are openly represented, underlying assets can also contribute to the validity of RPO solutions. The RPO partner has the ability to gain knowledge of the client’s culture and encompass the idea of the company’s long-term goals. In turn, creating an understanding and trust in the transparent relationship, laying the groundwork for a successful engagement. For instance, recruiting efforts of an RPO partner conveys the client’s brand instead of marketing individuals to several companies as is usually the case with traditional staffing agencies. Ultimately, Recruitment Process Outsourcing can not only make a substantial positive difference for a company’s Human Resources department, but can be an exceedingly viable solution for the entire business.

To find out more about CBI Group’s RPO solutions, contact one of our Managed Staffing team members at 302-266-0860.


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