Our Story

CBI Group has been serving customers with professional recruitment solutions since 2001. Our founder, Chris Burkhard established CBI Group as Delaware first recruitment outsourcing and consulting firm – both in response to the workplace realities of the day. We have continued to adapt and evolve our talent solutions in response to the market and what customers need.

You’ve heard the sayings about snowflakes and fingerprints…no two are the same. Your challenges are just as unique, so we build our recruitment solutions from a Blank Sheet of Paper – learning your story to customize the right solution for your business, culture, budget and people problem. Or as we say – we develop your recruitment solution from the Outside-In®.

We take pride in our flexibility to create customized solutions. That being said, labels do help make sense of things and describe what we can do for you. Our managed service talent solutions include:

If you’re not sure what the best service is for you, that’s where we come in. What matters is that our recruitment programs are flexible, scalable and results based. Share your story and we’ll work with you to determine the right solution.

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CBI Group has the services to customize the right solution for you!

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