CBI Group is part of the Outside-In® family of companies.

Our partnership with Placers is based on a shared set of values. We are culturally-led and operate by putting the customer at the center of all that we do.

One of the first questions people ask when we say that we are an Outside-In® Company, is “What is Outside-In?” It’s a fair question to say the least – the term is not uncommon, but from an industry perspective it is unique. Outside-In® is our culture and operational mindset: to be customer centric in everything we do. The fundamentals of Outside-In® are rooted in our history and originated decades ago at The Placers, the staffing company founded by Alan Burkhard, where our founder (and Alan’s son) Chris Burkhard started his career.

Inspired by the teachings of Dale Carnegie and his own experiences examining the marketplace, Alan founded The Placers in 1971 on a foundation of service-based principles. He advocated nothing less than a customer-centric mentality practiced at his company.

In 2001, Chris took what he learned from his father’s principles and embedded them in the foundation of CBI Group, giving them the name: Outside-In®. His sole purpose was to provide the Outside-In® mindset as a service feature. In 2004, Chris trademarked the term, and presented it as a birthday gift to his father that year.

Chris continued to lead CBI Group as a successful, culturally driven company, responding to the changing needs of customers by providing innovative Outside-In® solutions. In 2011, CBI Group saw an opportunity to expand its services to customers by relaunching Placers, in response to a growing market need for staffing services.

After working together and recognizing the positive impact Outside-In® had on our customers we banded together as a family of Outside-In® Companies in 2013. Today, we are proud to work together to provide Blank Sheet of Paper solutions to serve our customer’s talent needs in recruitment and staffing.

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