Our History

“What a long, strange trip it’s been.”

– Grateful Dead

While we prefer looking to the future, CBI is proud of our history because it has made us who we are today. Chris Burkhard founded CBI Group on a simple premise: our focus on the customer. We have been serving customers with professional recruitment solutions since 2001.

We got here by being on the forefront of our industry and by being pioneers. Chris grew up in the industry and spent most of his career before CBI at The Placers, a leading staffing powerhouse in Delaware for almost 30 years. His father established The Placers as the first independent temporary services company in Delaware in the early 70s and Chris established CBI Group as Delaware first’s recruitment outsourcing and consulting firm – both in response to the workplace realities of the day.

Chris has continued to lead CBI Group as a successful, culturally driven company, responding to the changing needs of customers by providing innovative Outside-In® solutions. In 2011, CBI Group saw an opportunity to expand its services to customers by relaunching Placers, in response to a growing market need for staffing services.

Our founding cultural values remain intact and guide our decisions each day as we adapt to the ever-changing business environment. Based on a commitment to the Outside-In mentality, Placers and CBI Group joined as Outside-In® Companies in 2013, expanding our ability to serve our customer’s talent needs. Being flexible and adaptable is essential to our solutions approach, and our customers can count on that continuing as we change in an Outside-In® way!

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