Our Team

“Take your work seriously and yourself lightly.”

– Bob Nelson

At CBI Group, our people have a killer work ethic but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Staffing and recruiting is all about finding the right people, and we have assembled an exceptional team with a diverse set of interests and backgrounds. We have come together because we have something in common—our shared set of values—and that’s what makes us Outside-In®. Learn more about why our team sticks around:

We have a relaxed work environment at CBI Group because we believe that employees should feel free to be themselves. All of our employees make decisions and take risks, which results in an extremely empowered group dynamic. Each and every one of us feels a strong connection to the vision and goals of the company; which means we know our work has genuine importance to the success of the team. At CBI Group, everyone is a leader with something to teach and a willingness to learn, and our focus is on you—our customer.

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