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As President and Founder of CBI Group, an Outside-In® Company, Chris Burkhard is the Outside-In® Guy. As an entrepreneur and leader, he learns new things every day. The musings you’ll find in the Outside-In® Guy blog are inspired by life at CBI Group and include stories on: Entrepreneurship, Culture and Outside-In® (Our Culture!), Leadership, Consultative Sales, and Leading Insights about the Staffing Industry and Talent Acquisition.Icon Example

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Employer Resources

We believe that knowledge and relationships are paramount to success. We are always adapting as the industry evolves and we do so by listening to you and reading up as much as we can. We thought we’d share some articles and advice on staffing and recruiting with you.

Job Seeker Resources

We know your job search can be frustrating, and knowledge is the best way to combat your frustration. So read up on our career resources—you’ll find information on managing your job search, tips for negotiating your salary, and a variety of resources to help you get the job you want.

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