Employment at CBI Group

“Our Outside-In® culture is what attracts people to CBI Group. We have an authentic, honest work environment where the customer really matters and employees are motivated to maximize who they are and what they are capable of.”

– Chris Burkhard

As a company focused on helping companies acquire the best talent fit for them, we value people and relationships and believe that happy employees = happy customers.

Our culture empowers all employees to be entrepreneurial—to have fun at work because they make their own decisions. CBI Employees are leaders—we take risks and make no excuses. At CBI Group, we willingly accept new challenges and embrace learning and growth. Our Outside-In® culture offers the unique opportunity to choose your own path and then blaze the trail.

We asked our team, “Why do you like working at CBI Group?” Watch this video to hear what they said.

CBI Group has experienced tremendous growth since we established our business in 2001. We are headquartered in Delaware and our geographic footprint has expanded to a national level. We offer the flexibility of full-time or part-time engagements at our offices or on-site customer projects nationwide. Join a team of “intrapreneurs” who are the first generation in a brand new approach to HR work.

  • Flexible Opportunities to Work Full-time or Part-Time
  • Culturally based around Outside-In® core values
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Attractive Compensation
  • Unlimited Opportunities to Maximize Your Career Potential
  • Professional Development
  • Team-Based Environment
  • Exceptional People
  • Proven Leadership

If you’re interested in expanding your career with CBI Group, check out our open opportunities.

What’s it like to work for CBI Group?

CBI’s focus is on you. That’s the most important thing. But you may be interested in our industries and areas of focus; click here to learn more.

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