Aimed at helping companies find top talent, talentSOURCE is a comprehensive suite of talent pipeline solutions. We provide sourcing and pipeline development services for a specific position or a number of specific positions.

There are 5 levels of talentSOURCE with varying service deliverables for identifying active or passive candidates for current or future openings.

Level 1: Sourcing (targeting active candidates)
Level 2: Sourcing (targeting passive candidates)
Level 3: Sourcing & Screening (targeting active candidates)
Level 4: Sourcing & Screening (targeting passive candidates)
Level 5: Sourcing, Screening, Job Marketing & Strategy

All talentSOURCE services are backed by a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and Service Level Agreement. CBI Group will refund all your money, re‐do the work to your satisfaction or provide an alternate solution should we fail to meet the deliverables presented in our customized solution.

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