Strategic Search

We identify rare, hard-to-find talent for executive and professional-level positions as well as those requiring special attention or confidentiality. These are the positions that create a unique difference to our customers’ business success.

Unlike the traditional approach of structuring a search practice by industry or discipline, CBI Group, with our unique Outside-In® perspective, goes beyond matching a resume to your job description. Our professional and executive recruiters recognize the critical need to match your company’s unique culture, environment and brand with a candidate’s technical skills and individual personality to satisfy the most critical and challenging measure of all, quality of hire.

We offer contingent, retained and engaged pricing options—but we’ll work with you to determine the right pricing for you. Whether it’s flat fee or percentage of position salary, we’ll establish a fee that fits your business goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Our recruiting team, with diverse experience, reflects core industries and areas of focus.

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Outside-In Guarantee

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Areas of Focus:

Sales & Marketing
Technical, Health & Life Sciences
Corporate Professional: HR, Accounting, IT Legal & Finance
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