Recruiter On-Demand

We provide your company with an experienced contract recruiter when you need one for your specific hiring goals. It can be short term or long term, in our office, your office or their office.

Recruiter On-Demand is a flexible option that provides you expertise and results while keeping headcount and budget in line. Our ability to step in quickly will provide overall workforce strategy for instant relief to the most complex problems—so you can focus on strategic objectives.

Our bench is full of recruiters and consultants that have been through comprehensive interviews conducted by our staff. ROD-ButtonThey’ve passed reference checks, proven their technical recruiting background and align with CBI Group’s Outside-In® culture. In other words, we think highly of them and believe they would be a great addition to your team.

Today, when staffing, budgets and business strategies can change overnight, CBI’s Recruiter On-Demand is the best way to smooth out the peaks and valleys of workforce demand.

Recruiter On-Demand delivers immediate relief and cost-effective results for:

  •     A short-term, specialized recruiting project
  •     A long-term, national sales force expansion program
  •     Placing an HR partner within a specific business unit
  •     Handling the HR side of an acquisition or divestiture

What can you expect from our Recruiter On-Demand solution? Read our delivery promises in our Outside-In® Guarantee.>>

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Outside-In Guarantee

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Areas of Focus:

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Technical, Health & Life Sciences
Corporate Professional: HR, Accounting, IT Legal & Finance
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