Outside-In® Guarantee for Barton Career Advisors Outplacement Solutions

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Investing in People. Investing in the Future. we build relationships and career transition service solutions for people.
Custom Solutions: complete with flexible delivery options that fit your budget and culture.

Innovative, High-Touch, High-Tech & Cost Conscious: our one-to-one outplacement solutions stand out in the industry with a fair price that is 20% to 30% less cost than other providers.

20:1 Client to Coach Service, Enabling 24/7 Career Counseling: the industry averages a 60:1 client to coach ratio – our business model was built to close that gap to provide clients the attention and service they deserve.

Customized Implementation & Results

Corporate Reputation: we protect your company’s reputation and integrity by providing Service to the Nth Degree.

Your Guide to Outplacement: from severance agreements, to a communication plan, to career transition services for affected employees, we can help you.

Employee Transition: 70%-80% are in new jobs, in two to six months.


Partnership: we are a part of your team in your most difficult hour. People, Not Statistics: people don’t get lost in averages or statistics, as we coach to success for each individual.

Metrics & Reporting: we will provide complete back-end reporting as you need it.

Knowledge Sharing: we will share our research and what we have learned about this industry so you can use it in your business.

Peace of Mind

Move On & Get Back to Business As Usual: what’s most important is that we enable you to move on and focus on your core business strategy. We will help you figure out “what is right” for a specific person and can tell you how they are doing throughout the engagement. And at the end of our engagement, we’ll ask if your solution, experience, and results created peace of mind for you.

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Outside-In Guarantee

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