Outside-In® Guarantee for Strategic Search

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Investment in Partnership: we take the time to get to know you and understand you, to earn your trust, and become a partner who you call for advice and expertise. Search is generally considered a results-driven product, and what we have is a process built to drive those outcomes. Through shared commitments and shared risk, the partnership guarantees performance and realized results.
Custom Search Strategy & Recruiting Plan: our search process is robust on the front end through our Outside-In® Questionaire (O-IQ). This fact-finding survey is used to gather information on your unique business, culture, budget & talent challenges to build a customized search strategy & recruiting plan. Our search process is built based on our Outside-In® recruiting methodology, pulled from the resources, experience, and expertise our three companies.
Strategy Built on Fit: we are culturally led, meaning our values are very important in our hiring, and the same is true for your company. We will find the right person with core values that align with your company – we aren’t just looking for the right skill set, but also a quality hire who will be a long-term fit and add value to your organization.

Customized Implementation & Results

Caliber & Culture: we care about the quality & fit, not just the placement.
Attention to Detail: we have a desire & willingness to do things the right way.
Clear Expectations: we clearly define timelines & commitments going into each search engagement.


Best Practices & Consulting: we function as a recruiting consultant throughout the process by sharing our best practices, knowledge and creating a feedback loop throughout the process.
No Secrets Pricing: we explain our pricing & rating system that we use to define your search strategy. Our methodology & process proves that the more you invest in partnership, the less you invest in economic value.

Peace of Mind

A Whole New Search Experience. We are not another search vendor, but a recruiting partner. And at the end of our engagement, we’ll ask if your solution, experience, and results created peace of mind for you.

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Looking for the right fit candidate?

Tell us about what your looking for and we’ll have an Executive Recruiter follow up with you to discuss your search.
Our Guarantee

Areas of Focus:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Corporate Professionals in Financial Services & Human Resources
  • Manufacturing & Construction Management

Industries of Focus:

  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Not for Profit
  • Transportation Services
  • Construction
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