How do we get started?

Let’s outline the process for partnering with CBI’s Recruitment Team

Partnering through outsourcing requires a fair amount of collaboration so that we fully understand your needs and can set up your recruiting solution for success. We’ve simplified the process into 7 steps to launch a Recruiting Project or End-to-End RPO. Here’s an idea of what you can expect:

Recruitment Assessment

We typically refer to this stage of the process as our O-IQ, which stands for Outside-In Questionaire. Depending on your recruitment need, the O-IQ may be a series of phone conversations or on-site visits to survey members of your team to understand how your HR/Recruiting department operates. The main goal of this stage is to understand the problem(s) you need to solve. The Assessment phase can take anywhere from 2 hours to 1 month, depending on the recruiting challenge.

Solution Building

We are proud of our “Blank Sheet of Paper” Solutions. Once we’ve identified the challenges you face and the problem(s) to solve, our team will begin developing a customized recruiting solution to address your specific needs. We guarantee a Blank Sheet of Paper Solution in 20 business days. We will run a few ideas by you during this phase to ensure we are on the same page.


Our Proposal presents the recommended solution, a quote for our services, and outlines what you can expect from our recruitment team. The proposal will also include the terms and conditions of entering into an Agreement with CBI Group. We will send you a PDF for you to review with your team. We are happy to present our solution to you and your team in person, if necessary. The expected turnaround time for a proposal (assuming we have all the information we need), is 3 to 7 business days.

Proposal Review

When we present our Proposal, we will request to set up a time to review it in the detail. This can be done over the phone or in person. The review period is a time to clear up any questions and make adjustments, if necessary. After the review, the Proposal is valid for 30 days.

Sign Agreement

When you are happy with the Proposal, signing the Agreement (enclosed in the Proposal) will make our partnership official and initiate the Implementation phase. Many customers provide a verbal agreement to a Proposal, however work on a recruitment project will not begin until the agreement is signed.When the Agreement is signed, we will collect Accounts Payable information, including, billing address, A/P contact name, contact information and PO Number (if necessary).


This phase takes the solution from theory to action. We will provide you with a customized Implementation Plan and initiate the process of scheduling weekly implementation sessions to review the details of the recruitment program. We’ll meet with your team weekly (1-2 hours/week) to discuss the Partnership Agreement, Process Design, Recruitment & Selection, Sourcing Strategy and Service Level Agreements. The timeframe for completing implementation depends on the scope of the agreement and availability of stakeholders to meet.

Go Live!

The recruiting activities begin! We will schedule an on-site visit to formally launch our recruiting partnership.


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