Outside-In® Guarantee for Recruiter On-Demand

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Flexible Staff Augmentation: our contract recruiters complement your existing recruitment team for your niche and volume of hiring. We provide you with the best of us (“on the team”) or the best of the talent acquisition marketplace (“on the bench”). All of our recruiters are CBI Way certified, trained by our recruiting methodology, process and best practices, and have a minimum of 5 years experience.

Customized & Strategic: we’ll help you think strategically about how your talent acquisition function is set up – we can follow your existing process, enhance your process, or build one for you. We have a process road map to share the basics of what all projects need, and are prepared to help you customize each step of the way to meet your goals.

Customized Implementation & Results

Responsive: we will get you the right talent at the right time to integrate seamlessly into your existing team and culture.

Account Management: routine, proactively scheduled meetings to assess progress and improvement. Weekly, monthly or quarterly based on your request and the length of the engagement. A Free Outside-In® Questionnaire (O-IQ) to formally assess your recruiting program and offer recommendations is available upon request.

Onboarding: we work with you to onboard our talent into your business, technology, and culture.


Data & Metrics: consistent reporting based on metrics that matter to you – daily, weekly, or monthly reporting through your systems or ours.

Tools, Best Practices, & Exit Training: we’ll share our tools, job boards, resources, process & implement best practices to improve your team. At the end of the engagement, we’ll provide exit training so that if you need to “shut us off”, you’ll be better off than the day before we started.

CBI Way: Your contractor is more than a person – they are a team. Our recruiters are trained in The CBI Way, our recruiting methodology, and go through continuous training. Along with your CBI resource, you’ll have access to the knowledge and experience of our Team Lead, Group Lead, sourcing team, subject matter experts, CBI Way trainer and IT specialist. Our network of recruiters is in communication regularly through our daily huddle & team-based culture – a team of people looking to help you meet your needs. As people are so important to us, we also lead and support the development of all our employees and their career pursuits, because we know happy employees = happy customers.

Peace of Mind

We Fit in and our Results Stand Out: At the end of our engagement, we’ll ask if your solution, experience, and results created peace of mind for you.

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