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Do you have Outside-In “viewing glasses”?

May 3rd, 2010

The movie world is heading towards changing and altering our movie experience; it seems like every movie is now in 3-D! I went to see Avatar, paid my $15 bucks like everyone else in line expecting to be let down. Not about the movie, word of mouth had already told me it was a fun, entertaining movie. I mean the 3D or the added value and added cost for my movie going experience. Fifteen dollars is a lot of money and its hard to impress a customer that feels taken. Well, I take it all back. 3-D technology has advanced well beyond my last one — which I believe was Jaws 6. It all got me thinking; without the glasses it is a good movie. With them I see spaceships and flying reptile birds fly right up to me. I see seed pods land in front of me. It is all just down right cool. Back to thinking part…

Outside-In GlassesWhat if you had 3-D glasses for your business? And what would they look like? What purpose would they serve? I am known for running and coaching leaders to run their business in an Outside-In way, meaning from the customer point of view. Now what do you see when you look at your business?

For fun, lets go back to that movie theater… It is the best one in my town, but fairly nondescript in every way. Probably just like your theater in your town. Give that General Manager my Outside-In magic 3-D glasses and what do they see? Lets start at the front door? I walked in and with glasses I saw that the trash cans were overflowing and that the place was pretty dirty. And why do I see this as GM? It is those glasses! I can now see things from the customer point of view! Not from my budget or from how the corporate office wants me to do things.

As GM, I get to the ticket line. And what do I see? People jumping in line. Cashiers going on break at what appears like a really busy business moment on a weekend night time rush. With my new glasses, I also see that my theaters have sticky floors. That I am understaffed in concessions. That maybe there are one too many commercials mixed in with the previews.

I will back off on my GM and their Outside-In glasses. Every business has its flaws. Call me and I will send you your Outside-In 3-D glasses for your business. Now stand at the door and what do your customers see?


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