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The Gift of a Bike

February 12th, 2016

On Thursday Evening, Outside-In® Companies presented their second bike through Preston’s March for Energy.

Back in October Outside-In® partnered with Preston’s March for Energy, an organization whose mission is to provide adaptive bikes to children with special needs, to “Pay it Forward” to our community. The organization was created when Preston, a young man with Mitochondrial Disease, which leaves him with low muscle tone and developmental delays, was blessed to receive an adaptive bike donated to him through a fundraiser that was developed by a family friend. Preston’s family was amazed by this overwhelming support, and they immediately began to “pay it forward” by raising money (each bike costs between $1400 and $2500) for more children to realize their dream of riding their own bike.


First, Outside-In® Companies adopted a 14-year-old boy named Zachary who lost his left leg in 2014 due to Osteosarcoma. He uses a prosthetic to walk, but missed being able to ride a bike around the neighborhood or go for a bike ride with his sister, Mother or Father. One of the first questions he asked when he found out he was going to lose his leg was whether or not he would ever be able to ride a bike again.

Donations from team members, family, friends, clients, candidates and other community organizations helped us purchase an adaptive bike best suited to Zachary’s needs and allowed him to ride a bike again.

On Tuesday evening, 12/1 Outside-In® Companies gave Zachary his very own custom bike. And, the fundraiser raised enough money to help Zachary pay it forward to another awesome child.

Jacob3Jacob is a 19-year-old young man who loves riding the school bus, watching videos, digging in the sand at the beach and playing baseball with the Challenger Little League.  He wanted to have an adaptive bike to enjoy spending time with his mom and sister while getting exercise around his neighborhood.  Jacob has cerebral palsy and it’s very important that he keeps active as much as he can.

On Thursday, 2/11, the Outside-In®  team presented Jacob with his new adaptive bike. “If you had a chance to be there, you were certainly moved to tears,” remarked President, Chris Burkhard. But they were good tears, with lots of smiles too. “What a fun day with so many smiles! The best smile was Jacob’s as he hopped on his new bike!” said Deb Buenaga, Preston’s Mom and director of Preston’s March, on her Facebook page. “It was cold outside so Jacob took a little ride inside but did not actually get off his bike until time to go home. He said he even wanted to take it to school to show his friends!”

To support or ask about our Outside-In® Paying it Forward program, contact us at charity [at]

Photos: 1st/left: Zachary with the Outside-In Team, Preston & Deb Buenaga; 2nd/right: Jacob on his new bike with Preston offering encouragement.

Outside-In® Pays it Forward

October 22nd, 2015

Sticking with our commitment to give back to the community, Outside-In® Companies have extended our Charity of the Month program so that we can make a bigger impact in supporting charity organizations. Inspired by Preston’s March for Energy, our new program is all about Paying it Forward.

Preston’s March for Energy was created when Preston, a young man with Mitochondrial Disease, which leaves him with low muscle tone and developmental delays, was blessed to receive an adaptive bike donated to him through a fundraiser that was developed by a family friend. The Buenaga family was amazed by this overwhelming support, and they immediately began to “pay it forward” by raising money (each bike costs between $1400 and $2500) for more children to realize their dream of riding their own bike.

Outside-In Companies have adopted a 14-year-old boy named Zachary who lost his left leg in November of last year due to Osteosarcoma. He uses a prosthetic to walk, but misses being able to ride a bike around the neighborhood or go for a bike ride with his sister, Mother or Father. One of the first questions he asked when he found out he was going to lose his leg was whether or not he would ever be able to ride a bike again.

Your support will help us purchase an adaptive bike best suited to Zachary’s needs and allow him to ride a bike again. Our goal is to raise $1,500 by the end of the year to give Zachary a new bike for the holidays AND additionally raise more than enough funds and help him pay it forward to another awesome child to get a bike as well.

Please consider donating now through our YouCaring page to help us reach our goal!

To support or ask about our Outside-In® Paying it Forward program, contact us at charity [at]

2 Birds, 1 Stone: Fitness & Giving Back

June 9th, 2015

This week, the Outside-In® Companies announce the adoption of the 2015 Greater Wilmington Boys & Girls Clubs Fitness Challenge for our charity program. In our Outside-In® Charity of the Month program, we pull together to help organizations in their cause. Team members nominate charities close to their hearts and as a company, we spread awareness, hold events, and collect donations – both items & monetary – to support those in need.

2015-fitness-challengeThroughout the summer, our team will be committing to new health and wellness goals to raise much needed funds for the Greater Wilmington Clubs. During our planning for our 3-5 year strategic plan we set specific goals for our leaders and team members to think about “sustainability” for their personal and professional objectives. This new partnership with the clubs helps us to realize our goals and to bring much needed awareness to the needs of the youth in our community.

16 team members have signed up for the challenge and will have the opportunity to join in on free wellness and fitness classes that local companies have offered to support the cause. The first event will be tomorrow with Liz Abel of Free and Abel who offer food, health, and lifestyle coaching.

You can request more information by calling 302-266-0860 and asking for Chris Barton, Vice President Greater Wilmington Boys & Girls Clubs Board.

Knocking Out Breast Cancer

October 30th, 2014

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Outside-In® Companies have been spreading awareness and raising funds for The Breast Cancer Charities of America as part of our Charity of The Month Program.

Breast_Cancer_Ribbon_Pink_MIThe Breast Cancer Charities of America exists to eliminate breast cancer as a life-threatening illness who patients needs Home Care Assistance. They bring together organizations representing all health and social service disciplines in the commitment to establish new and unprecedented levels of effectiveness in research, education, advocacy and support. BCCA is the only non-profit bringing the ‘integrated cancer care’ message to women of America. Their focus on Prevention, Research, Education, Survival, and Support works to empower and educate woman across the country.

The Outside-In® Team banded together to engage in some friendly competition in a knockout pool for the football season. So far we have had 21 participants enter the pool with the goal of fundraising and donating half of the monies raised to the charity. One of our Staffing Support Specialists, William Poore, just won the “second-chance” pool, and we have two employees left in the main round. “The football pool has been a fun way to interact with coworkers and build relationships all while supporting a good cause and spreading breast cancer awareness,” said William. “I’m looking forward to being a part of new fun and innovative way to contribute to charity in the future.”

If you’d like to join us in the fight against breast cancer, please donate via our YouCaring page here.

What Do You Need for Christmas?

December 16th, 2013

Guest blog spot by Caitlin Olszewski, Communications & Design Coordinator

When you’re a kid, Christmas is about as magical as it gets. (I have yet to see a unicorn, okay?) The fact that you go to bed with a belly full of apple pie and ice cream to wake up to toys and treasure underneath your tree is the highlight of the year. And parents, those behavioral Jedi mind tricks you can use on your kids while “the elves are watching” are truly miracles in themselves.

“What do you want for Christmas?” The question all of us were asked year-after-year by the red-velvet-clad cookie connoisseur sparked elaborate answers of Transformers, high-tech gadgets, and cavity-inducing candy. However, the moment you opened a present to unveil a pair of socks or the dreaded pack of underwear you immediately came to the conclusion that you were on the naughty list. What if you actually wanted those things and worried more about your cold toes than the latest toys? What if all you wanted for Christmas were simply things that you absolutely needed?

Each year, we partner with Delaware Social Service’s Adopt-a-Family Holiday Gift Assistance program. The program provides the sponsor with a brief description of the circumstances that led each family to the need for assistance. We survey through the available families looking to make their holiday season extra merry and bright. This year, when I was reading each informational bio, one family stuck out in particular.

adoptafamA recently-singled father and his 7-year-old daughter were simply asking for a $200 gift card for groceries along with hats and scarves to brave the cold weather. So what did we do? We used our Service to the Nth Degree value to provide roughly $600 in gift cards to make their Christmas extraordinary. However, we all know that there’s nothing like the suspense and sound of ripping open wrapping paper on Christmas morning, so we set off to provide presents and various necessities for our family to make their holiday a little more Outside-In®.

Through working as a team and providing peace of mind for our adopted family this season, we helped keep the spirit of Christmas alive for them, as well as ourselves. No matter what you celebrate, I hope you can discover your own holiday magic this season and share it with those around you who truly need it.

Want to be a part of the Adopt-a-Family program next year? Click here for more information.

CBI Group Lends an Outside-In® Hand in an Unexpected Way

September 27th, 2013

Guest blog spot by Caitlin Olszewski, Communications & Design Coordinator 

Have you ever skipped breakfast before entering a meeting and could only focus on the never ending grumble in your stomach instead of the metrics in front of you? Well, think about having that feeling all the time. Imagine feeling long-term hunger to the point where you cannot concentrate on anything but the emptiness in your stomach and the physical weakness that follows.

I heard about The Food Bank of Delaware back in July and I thought it would be a great cause for our ongoing Charity of the Month program. The Food Bank is an organization that provides nutritious food to Delawareans in need with the goal of providing long-term solutions for hunger. I figured that we could just help out by donating canned goods and fund raising, but then I saw the numbers and came to the humbling realization—that wasn’t enough.

foodbankOver 241,600 people receive assistance from The Food Bank each year and that number is continuing to rise. Forty-four percent of the households receiving this aid are children. To top it off, more than 17,500 people receive emergency assistance in any given week. At Outside-In® Companies, none of us are mathematicians—we’re all a bunch of fun-loving recruiters or chatty communications coordinators (sorry I’m not sorry). However, these numbers quickly resonated with us and strummed our heartstrings. After seeing the facts and statistics we knew that we wanted to take our charity to the Nth degree.

On Wednesday, we put our Outside-In® values to the test and volunteered at The Food Bank’s facility in Newark. Our team formed an assembly line to work together and create meal kits for the Food Bank’s Backpack Program. The program sends close to 3,000 children home from school for the weekend with easy-to-prepare meals to ensure that they can have the proper nutrition they deserve. “It’s hard for a child to learn on an empty stomach and that’s what it all comes down to,” said Trevor Turner, Lead Volunteer Coordinator. The program is geared to help eliminate the problems hunger can cause in regards to education and development.

In only two hours we created 638 meal kits—totaling 1,276 individual meals. That means through our Team-Based, Change Maker, and Service to the Nth Degree values, we made sure that 638 children didn’t have to worry about being hungry for the weekend. That’s 638 reasons to be Outside-In®.

If you’d like to figure out how you can help end hunger, please visit

Check out our assembly line in action!


Outside-In® Companies Keep Charity In Stock

July 10th, 2013

Outside-In® Companies CBI Group, Placers, and Barton Career Advisors continue to keep a healthy (and charitable) frame of mind this summer with the selection of the the Food Bank of Delaware as their July Charity. Team members will work to raise funds, donate food and build awareness for the local food provider, as well as volunteer an evening of their time to help sort and pack donated food.

“With 9.8 million children who receive school lunches now on summer break, it is imperative to keep these children and their families fed.” says Sourcing Specialist, Lindsay Griffith, “The team members at CBI Group, Placers, and Barton Career Advisors recognized this issue and decided to spend the month of July dedicating our efforts towards supporting the Food Bank.”

Food Bank of Delaware

The Food Bank of Delaware is currently accepting donations* of:

  • Hot and Cold Cereals
  • Canned Fruits
  • 8oz Shelf-Stable Milk
  • Past and Rice
  • Peanut Butter
  • Canned Meats
  • Canned Vegetables
  • Spaghetti Sauce

*Please note, the Food Bank of Delaware cannot accept hard candy, lollipops, soda in cans or bottles, chocolate bars or pieces, gum and soft candy such as marshmallows, caramels, taffy, licorice, and gummy items.

To learn more about the Food Bank of Delaware and Outside-In® Companies’ plans for the month, visit the Charity of the Month page here.

CBI Group Takes on The Challenge for Charity

June 4th, 2013

Ready to take on the Challenge

CBI Group’s Charity of the Month program takes on a healthier cause in June as team members Caitlin Olszewski and Kelly Murray participate in the Boys & Girls Club of Delaware’s 2nd Annual Weight Loss Challenge. Participants are given 90 days to lose weight, raise money, and sponsor a Boys & Girls Club of their choice. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware have teamed up with local gyms Plexus Fitness, Hockessin Athletic Club, 1614, and Fusion Fitness to host participants and motivate them towards their weight loss goals. To achieve their goals they are going to folow the best weight loss diet for the average height man.

“When I heard about the Weight Loss Challenge I jumped at the opportunity. I went from the highly active lifestyle of a college news reporter to a moderately sedentary one and I’m looking to get back on track! I’m working to be self-motivated to achieve my fitness goals and regress to the active lifestyle I once knew and loved.” says Caitlin.

Kelly and Caitlin are both raising money for the Metro Wilmington Boys & Girls Club and CBI Group is showing their support by marking the entire month of June as a Wellness Month to observe healthier work habits while supporting their fund raising efforts. Kelly and Caitlin will be splitting all funds raised and applying it to their fund raising goals of $250.

Some Wellness Month highlights? Team members will receive complimentary granola bars with each monetary donation and receive weekly emails on healthier tips & tricks. Wednesdays have been appointed as Walk Wednesdays to promote higher activity levels around the office – 5 laps around the Newark location equals 1 mile! And finally, CBI Group’s fitness program Get Up and Move! (GUM) is back – on June 5th, CBI Group’s in-house fitness guru Karesa Blagrove will run a high intensity interval training session for team members.

“I think it’s amazing that my company is willing to support my efforts towards living healthier. I chose to do the Challenge because I knew I had to make some changes and it gave me the added benefit of helping others.” says Kelly, “CBI Group has really rallied behind us and given us the last push we need to finish out the Challenge.”

To support Caitlin and Kelly’s weight loss efforts for the Metro Wilmington Boys & Girls Club, please visit CBI Group’s online donation page here.

CBI Group Kicks Off November Charity

November 12th, 2012

CBI Group is excited to announce the selection of our Charity of the Month for November: Junior Achievement of Delaware! Last week, we kicked off the Charity of the Month program with the announcement of  A Night of Achievement – a CBI Group sponsored benefit organized to raise money and build awareness around the great work that JA does for children in Delaware.

A Night of Achievement will be held on Thursday, November 15th from 5-8pm at Klondike Kate’s in Newark, DE. Tickets cost $10 and a portion of the ticket sales to be donated to JA. Live music, raffles, trivia, free food & drink specials are included with purchase of your ticket. Come out to learn more about volunteer opportunities with JA, meet with members of JA staff, or just come out to have a great night with a great organization!

CBI Group has enjoyed a strong relationship with Junior Achievement of Delaware for many years. CBI Group President Chris Burkhard has served as Chair of the Board of Directors for the past 2 years and many CBI Group team members volunteer in the classrooms as JA teachers. The team is thrilled to dedicate a month of service to Junior Achievement of Delaware and are looking forward to celebrating its accomplishments at A Night of Achievement.

Not familiar with Junior Achievement? The Mission Statement on the organization’s Delaware website reads:

Junior Achievement is the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating young people about business, economics and free enterprise.  Through a dedicated volunteer network, JA offers in-school and after-school programs for students in grades K-12.  JA programs focus on seven key content areas: business, citizenship, economics, entrepreneurship, ethics/character, financial literacy, and career development.  Junior Achievement programs reach over 4 million students per year, in 124 markets in urban, rural, and suburban area in all 50 states across the U.S. – a total of 115 million students since the organization began in 1919. 

If you would like to attend A Night of Achievement, you can purchase tickets via credit card by visiting Klondike Kate’s store website. (Update: Tickets are no longer on sale.)

Want to learn more about Junior Achievement and its upcoming events? Visit

CBI Group Kicks Off October Charity

October 9th, 2012

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the efforts towards awareness can be seen everywhere. Turn on Monday Night Football and you’ll see  NFL players showing their support on their uniforms – pink cleats, pink towels, pink gloves, and even pink ribbon decals on their helmets. Local 5K run/walks are held almost every weekend and each benefit a different organization working towards a cure. Some women are even dying their hair pink to spread awareness!

CBI Group strives to stay conscious of causes that are important in our local community. To give back, we select a charity each month to which we devote our service and attention. For the month of October, we have selected Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Breast Cancer Awareness. The fight for a cure for breast cancer has been an ongoing battle and it not only affects those close to us but millions of women (and men) across the world.

Stay informed with these statistics from Susan G. Komen for the Cure:

  • After skin cancer, breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer among women in the U.S.
  • Breast cancer is second only to lung cancer as a cause of cancer death among women
  • Breast cancer accounts for 1/3 of cancer diagnoses in women in the United States
  • In 2012, there will be 290,170 new cases of invasive breast cancer in the U.S. alone
  • An estimated 39,510 deaths will result from invasive breast cancer in 2012

The numbers above are sobering for sure. However, statistics surrounding breast cancer are not entirely negative. There are about 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S. alive today and research shows that early detection of breast cancer yields a higher chance of survival. So much so, that the mortality rate for breast cancer has been declining; and, experts believe this is due to early detection and better treatments.

Join us in the fight for a cure! We will be wearing pink all month and handing out pink ribbon pins, pink bracelets, and pink ribbon stress relievers. For more information on breast cancer and what you can do to join the fight, please visit the Susan G. Komen for the Cure website at

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