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Being Creative with Your Recruiting Model

March 9th, 2016

What is the best way to find talent for your business?

If I had to sum up a talent acquisition manager’s job, it would be with that question. The people responsible for recruiting in 2016 face the challenge of attracting quality applicants in a candidate’s market, keeping up with hiring demands, and ensuring all this work is on budget. You’re expected to have a streamlined recruiting process with consistent candidate messaging representing your employer brand, and you need to optimize that process for each skill set using targeted and up-to-date tools and methods. Easy day in the life, right?

The competitive market is putting talent acquisition at the top of the business’ strategic goals. If you’re struggling with the best way to find talent for your business in any capacity, it’s time to get creative with your recruiting model.

So, what’s the first step?

The first thing you need to do is identifying the business challenge. To create an effective recruitment solution, first you need to uncover the true source of your recruiting woes. Where’s the gap? What are you struggling with most? Maybe you’ve got a streamlined process and a great employer brand but are not having success finding quality candidates for a specific skill set like sales, IT or healthcare. Perhaps you need better job profiles. Or maybe, it’s not clear or obvious to you.

I’ve identified by recruiting challenge, now what?

Once you know what you need to fix, it makes it easier to build a solution. The first option is an obvious one – if you can identify the problem, you may be able to solve it in-house. But when you can’t identify the problem or don’t know how to fix it, there are lots of options for getting creative with your recruiting model. When it comes to working with recruiting providers for your direct hire roles, you can:

  • Find a full-cycle recruiting partner for help for one position.
  • Hand over all of your hiring from start to finish.
  • Break up recruiting by the skill sets you hire or by geographic regions.
  • Unbundle the recruiting process to get help in one area like sourcing or screening.
  • Bring in on-demand help for projects like opening up a new office/branch or launching a new product.
  • Blend any of the above!

Building a Recruiting Solution

With the complicated and diverse nature of recruitment challenges, creative solutions will help meet hiring objectives. If you’re interested in a free recruitment assessment to identify your recruiting challenge, connect with CBI Group today.



CBI Way: The Inside Scoop on Building RPO Solutions

September 18th, 2013
Guest blog spot by Alex Patton, Sourcing Specialist


RPO-SolutionFor many companies, of all sizes, talent acquisition can be the most difficult business process. Common challenges include the attraction of quality applicants, low quantity candidate pools, and less than desirable cost-per-hire metrics. If you find yourself stranded or unsure how to tackle any of these circumstances, it may be a great opportunity to consider Recruitment Process Outsourcing, a form of Business Process Outsourcing that is defined and discussed in the previous CBI Way blog, “What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?”. After the decision to work with an appropriate vendor is made, the next steps in the RPO process can begin to formulate, collaboratively and effectively.

Identifying the Business Challenge: To begin assembling an appropriate and custom recruitment solution, the business challenge must be identified, whether more comprehensive or exceptionally detailed. Often, a collective meeting or set of meetings between client and partner to help determine the challenge take place, to better understand the task at hand. Once articulated, the business challenge will give way to what the client expects as a successful solution.

This could be the necessity for 15, 50, or hundreds employees for the expansion of another territorial branch, like a recent project for our team. A well-established hospital in Florida came to CBI Group to build a solution for the challenge they faced: hiring a staff of several hundred doctors, nurses, and therapists to provide care within a new health campus that was being constructed. Or, you may have an ongoing process for routine, expected recruiting but need to reduce time-to-fill and hiring costs, while improving quality of candidates. In truth, a company’s business challenge could vary significantly, which suggests why a custom and creative solution can be vitally important for success.

Building the solution: With the complicated and diverse nature of recruitment challenges, the RPO vendor has a tough, yet essential obligation to create a custom solution that has the best chance of successful integration for the client. As discussed in “What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing”, there are several solution options that can be provided, including: Project RPO, Partial RPO, a Full RPO solution, or a combination of all three. Flexibility, created from collaboration during the building of a solution, is the most advantageous concept of creating a custom approach after identifying the business challenge.

In the project mentioned above with a widely-respected hospital in Florida, CBI Group and the client worked together to build the right solution; partnering to identify key talent to on-board, which could support the extensive recruitment project. This included: identifying a physician recruiter, three healthcare recruiters, and two recruitment coordinators. In most cases, several solutions are generated from a “blank sheet of paper” in order for the client to contemplate options that may not be initially considered.

There is undeniable complexity throughout the talent acquisition process, but it is hard to interpret any part more important than the dependence a successful solution has on a clearly identified business challenge. With the challenge determined, and business solution creatively built by the RPO partner and client collaboratively, the RPO project is close to launch; stay tuned for the next steps of an RPO engagement!

>>Check back next month when we continue the discussion on building RPO solutions.

The CBI Way blog series explores the tools and practices used in Talent Acquisition. CBI Way is CBI Group’s recruiting approach and methodology – it’s how we do what we do! Check in with CBI Way for insights around workforce education and training, the latest trends in recruiting technology, and how to best utilize these tools towards improving your own recruiting practices.

Blank Sheet of Paper recruitment program helps growing pharma company sustain growth.

March 5th, 2013

Customer Challenge

A U.S.-based Pharmaceutical company was rapidly growing and with their focus on their core business of specialty healthcare solutions, their recruitment team was overwhelmed. The leaders were unsure of their specific long-term needs but required immediate assistance to keep up with their growth. After CBI Group gained an understanding of their needs, we developed a customized menu of services offering potential short-term & long-term solutions to meet their recruitment and business goals.

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Best of Breed or a Blank Sheet of Paper?

March 2nd, 2011

A few weeks ago I discussed the maturing of the recruitment outsourcing industry and the role it can play in your business. RPO can be a terrific way to address the complexity and volatility that most companies experience today when dealing with overall recruitment strategy. But what is it that RPO providers are selling and what are companies buying?
To start, the RPO industry promised reductions in the costs of hiring. Today companies expect much more, such as improvements in compliance or more quality talent for your business. Beyond these expectations, I find that more and more of our clients are looking to find a staffing partner that tells them how to implement and dictates the recruitment solution. Unfortunately, too much is operated by the recruitment partner’s way of doing things and there is too little customization. Sure, customers want a global solution, but not if they lose control and input. We’d like to think our staffing partner creates a solution for our problem by starting with a blank sheet of paper, right? If we are Nabisco we don’t want a solution built for Kraft. No, we want our own.
The RPO industry builds best of breed recruitment processes. Providers have built the strongest recruitment outsourcing product they could with the latest in technology and the best recruitment talent that does the proper task at the right time with the right price. All RPO providers run their recruitment process a little differently but with the same goal – on time, in budget delivery of recruitment services. But getting to know your business, culture, and unique business needs are often not part of the solution. Custom built RPO programs? Unusual. CBI Group calls this starting with a “blank sheet of paper.” How often does this happen? Almost never.
Over time, most industry products become very similar as the industry gets commoditized. The difference comes down to providers applying their expertise in a unique and custom way for their customers. In the quest to sell more, we lose something in transition. I don’t brag very well but I was in this game before the industry had an acronym – or even the name. RPO started with great recruitment talent, excel spreadsheets and strong customer relationships. My customer relationships let me in on their staffing challenges and they allowed my company to innovate and try new things. We built a company on that very premise – custom recruitment solutions.
The industry finds itself at another turning point. One-size-fits-all is, well, fitting only for the customer that wants one-size-fits-all. But as the song says the times they are a-changing. I see requests for partial RPO. Partial meaning outsourcing one skill set that is critical to business success or a few steps in the recruitment process to improve organizational capability. Customers may like new and shiny objects, but they come back for results. Frankly, we find that what most customers want are old fashioned things; flexibility, relationships, and a partner that will both listen and respond. Not one-size-fits-all solutions.
Customers want to know that you differentiate in the right areas. So, if you sell RPO – do you sell best of breed or Blank Sheet of Paper? And if you are looking for a staffing partner – what are you looking for? A custom solution or the best in breed option?

Outplacement Launch

November 2nd, 2010

Leading HR Recruitment Firm CBI Group and Barton Career Advisors Expand Strategic Alliance with Launch of Outplacement
HR recruitment firm CBI Group and career coaching firm Barton Career Advisors announced today an expansion of their strategic alliance into outplacement services.

Newark, Del. (PRWEB) November 2, 2010

HR recruitment firm CBI Group ( and career coaching firm Barton Career Advisors ( announced today an expansion of their strategic alliance into outplacement services. The two companies, which announced their partnership in June 2009, share similar philosophies for providing value to clients.

“This was the next logical step in our partnership,” said Christopher Barton, president of Barton Career Advisors. “CBI Group has a deep, credible market presence in helping businesses to craft innovative human capital solutions.”

The new flexible outplacement solution offered by the joint venture focuses on high-touch delivery and will be supported by CoachOnetoOne™, Barton Career Advisors’ career transition portal. A key component of the service offering will be an intense focus on individual client relationships.

“It became clear that the market was looking for an alternative to the current offerings in the outplacement industry,” said Chris Burkhard, president and founder of CBI Group. “We confirmed through several initial engagements that Barton Career Advisors’ model and technology have what it takes to deliver.”

Barton Career Advisors has added new outplacement resources and information on their web-site at

About Barton Career Advisors, LLC

Barton Career Advisors, LLC, is a relationship based outplacement and career coaching firm offering premier direct-to-client and business to business services. The company, headquartered in Newark, Del., employs a need-based business model, BCA One-to-One™, which is driven by experience and client outcomes. Barton Career Advisors has over 15 years experience in HR recruitment processes, people development and business operations.

About CBI Group

CBI Group is a Project/On Demand recruitment firm founded in 2001 by staffing industry leaders. CBI Group specializes in providing results-oriented solutions to their customers. Their depth of experience implementing single and multi-position recruitment strategies enables them to provide highly responsive and cost effective services. Through efficient management and quality consulting they ensure that their clients receive maximum return on their investment by managing projects to meet their current and future needs. Known for their trademarked Outside-In® culture, CBI Group’s workforce embraces change, competes through knowledge and takes service to the “nth” degree.


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