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Let the Village Help You Hire

January 18th, 2012

Get involvement when you hire. Make everyone in the office aware and give them a role. We recently had candidates in our office to observe the role they were going to interview for. You do have observation as as a part of your hiring, right? Most don’t. Time is too precious; speed is too important. I am here to tell you that hiring slow is the smartest thing you can ever do.

When candidates observe different roles in the business, they are able to get comfortable with my team. This is great stuff. They can ask informal questions. They can build rapport and relax. Some people learn by seeing… sometimes more action and less talk is good. This simple practice can make or break a hire. The candidate will open up! They’ll confide in my team that she was unemployed and lied on her resume, that he was going to ask for more money than he made in his last job, that she was just biding her time until a real job that she wants opens up, that they were curious if they could work from home right away and get an advance on their first paycheck too. And oh yeah, is the boss for real around here?

So I kid. But there is truth in there too. I have exaggerated the many things that have come out of observations. Yes, I know the negative ones are just so much more fun to talk about, but great things come out of it too. Good, honest candidates realize they are not ready for the role and they tell you so! Great candidates share that they thought the job was, well, different than they saw and they let you know! And they are often a fit for other roles with different needs.

My belief is that you choose candidates by letting them have some say in choosing you. Most of us can tell a technical skill fit; however, after 40 years of Placers experiences behind a Burkhard staffing leader the rest is very, very tough to do really well.

Let your village help you hire. Let the evaluation of candidates start with by integrating with your team. When applicants call, when they sit in your lobby, when they observe your working environment, they are evaluating you and your team. When you make your staff hiring decisions, be sure to bring the village members together for a full evaluation from many different perspectives!


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