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CBI Way: The Anonymous Sourcing Pool

May 15th, 2013

CBI Way blog spot by Lisa Van Ess, Recruiter On-Demand and Managed Staffing Practice Leader

Those of us in the service provider business are well aware of how service and success easily get tied to the engagement of that one-and-only-knows-my-business-resource. The client has been working with this one sourcer or recruiter since the beginning and no one you have in your entire fleet of talent could ever replace that individual…there is some truth to this, but so much can be done through a great transition, yet – that is a subject for a future blog…

This blog is about the benefits of going from working with My Favorite Sourcer to the (gasp!) Anonymous Sourcing Pool. At CBI Group, we look at sourcing as a multi-step process that begins with the research of potential candidates through all available pipelines and ends with the profiling and production of an interested candidate submitted to a CBI Group or corporate recruiter for entry into the interview process. We have a sourcing methodology and process to find all sorts of needles in the haystack. Yes, some of our talented sourcing team has more experience with financial services, others in pharmaceuticals and others in manufacturing but when our internal and external clients limit themselves to only work with their Favorite Sourcer they miss out on some great benefits.

Sourcing is about creativity, the more variety of opportunities given to a talented sourcer, the more creative they become, and this goes for every client. Having a strong vertical/niche is great in terms of knowing where to start the hunt but having different sets of eyes and different approaches leads to a wider variety of pipelines and candidates. When a sourcing team is behind you, they rely on each other for coaching, ideas, and support (you tend to get more than the Favorite Sourcer you might be paying for) and when your Favorite Sourcer goes on vacation, your recruiting pipeline does not go on hold for a week. Oh, and how could I forget to mention, your Favorite Sourcer is part of the nebulous Anonymous Sourcing Pool so you still do get their work included…

Remember – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts (or the one part you are most attached to!)

The CBI Way blog series explores the tools and practices used in Talent Acquisition. CBI Way is CBI Group’s recruiting approach and methodology – it’s how we do what we do! Check in with CBI Way for insights around workforce education and training, the latest trends in recruiting technology, and how to best utilize these tools towards improving your own recruiting practices.

Recruitment solution lowers cost-per-hire and time-to-fill for difficult positions.

March 6th, 2013

Customer Challenge

This growing subsidiary located in a rural area needed to increase their overall headcount for an additional shift of workers to meet demand while also giving greater focus to positions that had been vacant for over 12 months. Their Human Resources department faced the challenge of having only one person responsible for hiring in all areas across the company. As a result of being short staffed, the manufacturer was frequently paying high, percentage based search fees for their hard to fill positions.

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